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Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
The Lehigh Valley PSPE has bestowed the "Engineer of the Year" award to one or more deserving Professional Engineers each year since 1964.  Shown below is the list of all recipients.

Award Year Engineer of Year Company
2021 Peter O. Staffeld, P.E., Ph.D., F.NSPE Villanova University

Stephen J. Ressler, P.E., Ph.D., Dist.M.ASCE, F.ASEE

2019 Sean Dooley, PhD, PEKeystone Consulting Engineers
2018 Charles Meyers, PEBarry Isett & Associates
2017 Robert Peruzzi, PhD, PER. Peruzzi Consulting
2016 Mary Rooney, PEEnviroAce, LLC
 2015 Kevin T. Campbell, PE, LEED APBarry Isett & Associates
 2014 Jason Coleman, PEPennoni Associates
 2013 David Toler, PE/Don Kohn, PEForensic Engineering Services/Kohn Engineering
 2012 Dwayne R. Schantz, PEFLSmidth, Inc.
2011 Joseph McCarthy, PE J&P Engineers
2010 William  Erdman, PE Keystone Consulting Engineers
2009 Angelika Forndran, PE Cowan Assoc Inc
2008 Richard A. Suhar, PhD Professional Systems Engineering, LLC
2007 Bernard M Telatovich, PE, Esq. Benchmark Civil Engineering Services
2006 Johann F. Szautner, PE, PLS, DI Cowan Assoc Inc
2005 Peter A. Terry, PE, PTOE, PMP Benchmark Civil Engineering Services
2004 James P. Snyder, II, PE  
2003 Keith M. Gardiner Lehigh University
2002 Mark C. Roth, PE  
2001 David Jones, PE  
2000 Mary J. S. Roth, PE  
1999 Keith Taylor, PE  
1998 Harry Garman, PE  
1997 Paul LeMenager, PE PPL Electric
1996 Dr. Bruce Bramfitt Bethlehem Steel
1995 Grayson McNair PPL Electric
1994 Charles L Fraust AT&T
1993 James A. Hunt J. H. Design and Sales Corp.
1992 Dr. Harvey G. Stenger, Jr. Lehigh University
1991 Norman G. Schaffer N. G. Schaffer Engineering Assoc.
1990 Dr. Robert W. Hinton, PE Hinton Associates
1989 Barry E. Isett, PE, FNSPE Barry Isett & Assoc Inc
1989 Helmuth Wilden, PE H. Wilden and Associates
1988 Richard Bodnar Bethlehem Steel
1988 Robert Stieg Mack Trucks
1988 Malcom E. Taylor PP&L
1987 Harry Bisco City of Allentown
1986 W. J. Berry Fuller
1985 N. W. Curtis PP&L
1984 Dr. I. M. Viest Consultant
1983 G. T. Cheney Bell Laboratories
1982 Dr. E. J. Greskovich Air Products
1981 W. R. Huber Bell Laboratories
1980 Dr. John W. Fisher Lehigh University
1979 Ed P. Becker, PE, FNSPE Lehigh Structural Steel
1978 J. E. Steele Bethlehem Steel
1977 L. S. Beedle Lehigh University
1977 L. S. Gaumer Air Products
1976 J. S. Pidcock G E Pidcock
1975 R. D. Stoudt Lehigh University
1974 A. F. Gould Lehigh University
1973 D. J. Blickwede Bethlehem Steel
1972 J. O. Liebig Lehigh University
1972 H. S. Reemsnyder Bethlehem Steel
1971 M. R. Brooks Ingersoll Rand
1971 F. C. Eichel Riegel Paper
1971 L. F. Moose Bell Laboratories
1970 A. S. Faust Lehigh University
1970 G. H. Gockley PP&L
1970 R. M. Hurd Bethlehem Steel
1970 W. M. May Mack Truck
1970 F. W. Moyer Fogarasi and Moyer
1969 L. McGeady Lafayette College
1969 C. McKinley Air Products
1969 J. E. Paulson Western Electric
1968 R. T. Gallagher Lehigh University
1968 J. W. Guider Bethlehem Steel
1968 H. F. Hatfield PP&L
1967 F. S. Eckhardt Bethlehem Steel
1967 W. A. Frederick PP&L
1967 G. Kane Lehigh University
1967 R. Sykes Bell Telephone
1966 V. M. Anchitis Dept Secretary Highways
1966 L. S. Gaumer Air Products
1966 L. J. Gould Bethlehem Steel
1966 W. G. McLean Lafayette College
1966 R. W. Reigel Fuller
1965 A. E. Anderson Western Electric
1965 D. J. Connell PP&L
1965 J. J. Karakash Lehigh University
1965 H. A. Markle Fuller
1965 A. L. Wiesenberger Consultant
1964 W. U. Baum PP&L
1964 G. F. Molloy Bethlehem Steel
1964 C. H. Moon Dixie Corporation
1964 I. M. Ross Bell Laboratories
1964 C. J. Shilling Air Products

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